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"Snake" is the name of a golf betting game that bites the member of your group who, at the end of the round, has the most-recent 3-putt. The golfer who 3-putts last in Snake is the one who owes the other members of the group money.

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In the simplest form of Snake, the player with the last three putt owes each of the remaining players an agreed upon wager. For example, in a $1 Snake game with four players, the loser would owe the remaining players $1 each losing a total of $3.

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Snake is a pretty easy golf game to understand. In this game, there is no such thing as a gimme. Players -- and you can play with as little as two, but ideally four -- must putt out on every hole.

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The snake golf betting game punishes anyone who makes three putts on a green. (Shots played with the putter from off the green do not count). It is the adage ‘drive for show, putt for dough’ taken literally. No shots can be given – there are no gimmies in the snake golf betting game.

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More Golf Betting Games. With so many interesting ways to play golf, why stop at just 10? 11. Snake. Are you looking for a betting game that emphasizes putting more than the total score? Then look no further than the game called “snake.” With this game, the word “gimmies” doesn’t exist. That’s right, no dragging three-footers anymore.

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How to Play Snake. Snake is a side bet game that adds some spice to other games. The Snake is a player that 3-putts. The honor is held until another 3-putts. The player holding the title at the end of the game pays the match bet to the other players of the group. In case of two or more 3-putts in a hole, the Snake title goes to the last player ...

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The 13 best golf gambling games. Nassau: Golf’s most iconic gambling game isn’t much of a gambling game at all. Players wager a certain amount on the best score on each hole of the front and ...

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Back in 2007, I wrote Golf Digest's Complete Book of Golf Betting Games. Since then, friends, family, even perfect strangers have stopped me on countless occasions to share their "perfect" golf ...

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Wolf is a classic golf game still often played by many weekend warriors. This four-player game creates a different team on every hole and can even develop a heated three-on-one situation. How to play: First, pick an order from one through four on the first tee and continue to roll it over throughout the entire round.