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Volleyball, game played by two teams, usually of six players on a side, in which the players use their hands to bat a ball back and forth over a high net, trying to make the ball touch the court within the opponents’ playing area before it can be returned. Learn more about volleyball in this article.

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Define volleyball game. volleyball game synonyms, volleyball game pronunciation, volleyball game translation, English dictionary definition of volleyball game. Noun 1. volleyball game - a game in which two teams hit an inflated ball over a high net using their hands volleyball court game - an athletic game played...

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A player must hit the ball with his or her hand over the net to land inside the lines of the court. Players may serve underarm or overarm (hardly anyone at elite level would offer an underarm serve). A popular serve is the "jump" or "spike" serve: the player jumps and serves the ball while airborne. Each player gets only one chance to serve.

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Here is volleyball terminology everyone should learn. Volleyball Game (Set) A volleyball game or set is played to a predetermined number of points. Games must be won by at least 2 points. For example, if a game is being played to 25 points, if a 24-24 tie occurs, the game isn t over until a team leads by 2 points. Volleyball Match.

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– Any volleyball game with people who don’t really know how to play volleyball. A common euphemism for this type of game is “Picnic Volleyball.” JUMP SERVE – A serve that is started by the server tossing the ball into the air and jumping into and hitting the ball in its downward motion. JOUST – When 2 opposing players are simultaneously

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G – Game – In volleyball games are also called sets. Games go to 25 points unless it is for a tie-breaking game, then they go to 15. All games are played with a “win-by-2” rule, meaning you have to be leading by 2 points for the game to finish. A match against another team is played to either the best of 3 or best of 5 sets.

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A purely rebound sport (you can't hold the ball), volleyball is a game of constant motion. A team can touch the ball three times on its side of the net. The usual pattern is a dig (an underarm pass made with the forearms), a set (an overhead pass made with the hands) and a spike (the overhead attacking shot).

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This is one of the two most popular offensive systems used in volleyball. The “6” indicates that six players are hitters at some point in the game and “2” players are setters at some point in the game. This system can be run with or without subs.